Wednesday, February 7, 2024

so far so good

Afternoon sun on the Upper West Side.

We've been having some lovely, sunny weather this week. Still quite cold, mostly teens and 20s F, but not windy. Very pleasant weather to be out in.

Moxie surveying her domain.

Bluebird hoping the starlings left some mealworms.

Tsuga in the sun.

Fernie at my fingertips.

The brighter sky in February has been very welcome, especially following the series of snowstorms in late January:

Now the forecast is a few days of warmer weather - in the 30s or even higher - which could melt more of the remaining snow in the driveway. This would be helpful because I'd like to get the next delivery of chaffhaye to the top of the driveway, at least. Each pallet holds 30 densely-packed 50-pound bags. They are large, slippery blocks and I do not find them easy to handle. If the pallets have to be left at the bottom of the driveway this time, every individual bag will eventually have to be brought up with either a sled or a wheelbarrow. The driveway is a hill. I've brought countless items up the driveway over many years, and I can tell you: 90 bags of chaffhaye would be No Joke. So here's hoping for good timing, a clear-ish driveway, and an experienced forklift operator.

Meanwhile, I hope you are having blue skies in your neck(s) of the woods!



  1. Prayers for a clear driveway or a fork life all the way up the driveway!
    Beautiful pictures.

  2. I love Fern looking up at you trustingly. Trusting that carrot pennies might appear..
    Meanwhile I hope for the best for your delivery.

  3. Pretty views. Isn't sunshine a wonderful thing?

  4. So pretty! It has been warm here, but cold is on the way next week. Love your snow!

    1. Temp got up to 40F yesterday, and now there's a lot of slush and ice. Or slush ON ice. Hazardous for chores, but I'm optimistic about the driveway.

  5. Sun has been a precious thing in our area. According to the news we are enjoying (hah!!!) record numbers of days with no-sun since November. On the other hand we haven't (touch wood) had much snow so far. Very glad we don't live in the Maritimes at the moment as they dig out from under a real downfall of it.

    1. That must be hard. When I was looking at grad schools, I ruled out one just based on the typically overcast and rainy skies.

  6. Glad you've had a fetch of good weather finally! Hope the predicted storm in the next day or two is milder than expected. We think it should do an abrupt turn to the NW and drop all that snow here.
    Chris from Boise

    PS Hope the chaffhaye arrived and is safely stored.


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