Thursday, February 9, 2017

poor pictures from a big storm



Just checking!

This is a Real Snow we are having.
Knee-deep at noon, and still coming down.
Chores took...a long time.

All the goats have multiple options for shelter.
They tend to find a spot, stay there for a while, then move to another spot.

Often, this means other goats get shifted out of that other spot.

Seeing that the snow was predicted to continue into the night,
I moved Tsuga and Tansy and Fern into the Corner Suite.
They get "shifted" more often than the others,
and I wanted them to have a comfortable night.
With lots of hay.
In fact, every goat will have lots and lots of hay tonight.
There will be much wasted hay. Can't be helped.

Real-time blogging interruption:
Campion is yelling in distress.
I'm going to put on my last pair of dry trousers and get the flashlight.

Real-time blogging update:
Campion was being kept out of the big barn.
His mama and sister were inside,
and he wanted very much to be inside with them.

(Someday I'll write a post about goat bonding.)

But three other goats were also inside,
and even though there was still plenty of room,
and even though no one was physically blocking the doorway -
which is eight feet wide -
Campion was definitely being prevented from entering.

(Someday I will write a post about herd dynamics.)

I escorted an ice-encrusted Campion in from the snow, 
had a chat with the group in the barn,
and distributed even more hay.
Then I made the rounds again, checking the other goats.
Everyone was settled when I came back inside,
and I sincerely hope they stay that way at least til daylight.
I do not enjoy putting on wet trousers.

And now I'm about ready for bed at 8 PM.
A cup of tea, I think. Maybe an audiobook.
But before I sign off,
let me show you what the birdfeeders looked like today.
All day. Non-stop.

 At one point, the pile of snow atop that feeder was over a foot deep,
and the the line it hangs on was sagging perilously.
I cleared the snow off, added more seed, and came back inside.

Next time I looked out, that feeder was covered in little birds again,
and next to them, I saw this gem - bright even on a dark day:

Good night!