Sunday, January 13, 2019

more color

Remember "Daily Markmaking 2018"?

Reflections below the Dam

I actually did it.
Some kind of markmaking, each day, for a year.

Dried Tansy from the Garden

As the year ended, I thought about whether or not to continue,

and I just didn't see any reason to stop.

This watercolor was from the first of January:

Shoreline reflection in Pond

Now I must decide whether to count continuously - in which case, tonight's effort will be #378 - or to restart the clock with January 1st being #1.
The digital files add up, and it is fun to look back at a month or a season.
It will be easier to do so if I keep them labelled and organized.

The Moon on a Cloudy Night

Isn't it hard to believe that January is already halfway gone?