Wednesday, September 2, 2015

new perennials

Thanks to Wendy's recent garden post, I discovered a new flower to marvel at: Helenium autumnale. I found it right away on one of the online (but off-my-budget) nurseries, and chose my favorite: Ruby Tuesday.

Then I headed for my "local" feedstore (the one that is only 25 minutes away). Before I even began looking for replacement goat collars - the "real" reason for making the trip - I searched hopefully through their last table of lonely perennials.

And found the exact one I was looking for!

 And I do mean "one" - there was ONE plant!

I hastily loaded it into my little shopping cart, and then, in a fit of elation that translated into spendiness, added a Rudbeckia.
It was labelled "perennial" - not all of them are in my area -
and I hope very much that it will be.
Because it is stunning:

The brown tones of this flower are so deep and rich!
I collect images of brown flowers on one of my pinterest boards, but this is the first one I have in my own garden.
Very exciting! 

The Helenium looks a bit stressed, but considering it has been in a pot for who knows how long - several hot and humid months, I suppose -
I think it's done very well for itself.

As of this morning, the plants are neighbors in a mostly-sunny spot, where they can put down more roots (between the rocks, but still better than a pot) and continue to bloom as long as they like this year.

And - I hope - 
grow to new heights and widths and flowery profusion next year.

You know, I had intended to make this post a
"Wordless Wednesday."

But I just couldn't do it!