Tuesday, April 23, 2013

postcard from the paddock

Saturday, the kids began to actively seek each other out and really play together for the first time, instead of bouncing around madly and joyously, but independently.

And the past two afternoons were warm enough that I could turn the new mamas and babies out in the little paddock for the first time.

I brought a lawn chair and a camera.

Tag! You're it!
No, YOU'RE it!
No, YOU'RE IT!!!!
(repeat until naptime)

There was a lot of coming...

and a lot of going.

Do you know about the astounding transcendence over gravity that baby goats discover in their very first days?
Watching this is one of my favorite things about kidding season.
Heck, watching kids flying is probably one of everybody's favorite things about kidding season!

But this year, watching the first-time mamas out in the Big World with their darlings for the first time was a special treat for me.

So quiet.

So serene.





Wow!  Having a wonderful time!  Wish you were here!