Saturday, November 9, 2013

frontiers in baking

So, what time can you be here? I tried a new recipe!

With apples!

The first step: toasting chopped pecans. 
This was also a new thing.
Previously, the only thing I'd toasted was bread.

 Interrupting this recipe with
a newsflash from the Poultry Palace:
the hens are again presenting me with eggs.
One or two lovely organic eggs daily.
Already, winter looks less harsh.
Thank you, hens!

Returning to the new recipe:
it appeared on my blog feed today,
I love those folks.
They are passionate about what they do,
and they really know how to share the joy!

Most recipes, no matter where I find them, call for ingredients I don't have on hand. So even the most interesting recipes get filed away, until maybe - maybe - one day I remember 
to buy the missing ingredients.
And then remember what the ingredients are meant for.
And where I put the recipe.

Cooking can be so hard.

But not today!
I had all the ingredients for "naked apple-vanilla pie."

Note: the "naked" refers to the lack of crust.
The apples are not naked.
They are also not clothed.
They are peeled, so maybe they are sort of undressed?

You know, I think the "naked" aspect may be a bit of a distraction from the main event, which is this:

 If someone served this to me at a dinner party and challenged me in a playful, dinner-party-way, to identify the dish, I wouldn't describe it as "a crustless pie."
It's hard to pinpoint, really, and I hope in this imaginary scenario my future happiness would in no way hinge upon my response to the host's question.

"Hmmm...well...a delicious variation on an apple clafoutis?"

That's the best comparison I can make. However, now that I think about it, the Comptonia Taste Test didn't include the recommended cream or ice cream for a topper. That addition may very well make it seem more pie-ish, overall.

But I don't know.
Perhaps I should get some ice cream and try it?

(You can bet I won't have any trouble remembering to pick up that ingredient.)

Whatever it's called, I like it!
Perhaps you'd like it, too?

It's easy, quick, and involves apples.
It's different from "the usual" apple desserts.
The pecans - that would be the toasted pecans - add texture.
And the light note of vanilla is lovely.
And I'm adding a link to the recipe.

Apple season. 

Loving it.