Tuesday, March 24, 2015

tulip tuesday

Many weeks ago,
a friend and I arranged to visit
the Spring Bulb Show at Smith College.
Picked a day.
Put it on our calendars.

We rejoiced at the prospect:

stepping into warm glasshouses

being immersed in the glorious aroma of hyacinths

and filling our eyes with color.

After all these months of snow and ice...


On the day: freezing rain, icy roads.
We peered at our respective morning skies,
phones in hands,
hemmed and hawed and dithered,
then reluctantly postponed.
Very reluctantly.

We rescheduled to Saturday, the 21st.
Which was also the final day of the Show.
Much crossing of fingers last week.

Saturday, there was snow.
We went anyway.
(The eagle picture was taken en route.)


 Color, color, color!
Also, colour!

(I shall stop talking now.)