Thursday, May 15, 2014


I've been watching Spring appear on blogs all over the northern hemisphere. 
Watching and waiting.
Waiting and watching.

And now it's here.

It's HERE!

Wildflowers are coming up,
the early leaves showing the nipping effects of frost.
(And sometimes, hens.)

It's not always a smooth entry into Spring. 

But the plants prevail!

There's green everywhere, but also purple.
Lots of purple.

And soon, unless we have more frost (or snow),
there will be tiny yellow lilies blooming here.

It's the madcap rush of Spring.
The view is changing by the hour.


With the little barn up,
I must now focus on the gardens.
And quickly.
Lots of prep work still to be done, 
but I had to wait for the heavy equipment
to come (and tear things up) and go
before making final decisions about locations.


I think some of these little seedlings
are ready for the big world.'s rainy today.
And rain is predicted for the next nine days.
NINE days.
(That's just how far the forecast goes.
For all I know, there's another 31 predicted.)

So, what should I do?

Should I be trying to get these fragile, housegrown plants
into the ground right away?
Or should I be glad I haven't planted them already,
just in time to be washed away? 

I don't know the answer, but I hope you do!
These leggy seedlings seem to need more 
than their tiny peat balls and a window,
and someone to turn the trays around every day.

Dear gardeners:
How can I help them through this phase and into
a bright and productive future?
Advice very welcome!


And one more picture,
of one of my very favorite trees:
Fagus grandifolia, American Beech.

Beautiful at every season.