Sunday, May 3, 2015

weekend snapshots

It has been a hot, sunny weekend.
I mean, hot.
And sunny.
I had to take off my flannel shirt. And put on a visor.
And now, at 5 in the evening, 
I've had to come inside for a while to cool off.
Good time to post a few snapshots!

Yesterday, after doing the recycling,
Piper and I went for a stroll by the pond.
This is Piper, strolling:

The maples were flowering.
And the sky really was that blue.

See? Even in reflection. Very blue.

But when you look beneath the reflection,
you also see green and yellow.
(A few weeks ago, this was ice. Remember?)

There was a lot of green at the water's edge, too.
These reeds are vibrant.

Back at home, there is also a bit of green.
Softer green.

I almost cried when I saw these fragile bloodroot flowers.

Bloodroot is always a miracle to me.
And this year, even more so.
Because these very few and tiny plants 
mean the goatbarn builder
did not kill all my bloodroot with his skidder.

I love bloodroot.


Now, does anyone know what this little plant is called?
This amazing plant that is already poised to flower?

It's one of the many, many perennials
given to me by a generous friend last autumn.
She told me what most of them were, and when I got home,
I tried to remember.
And as I planted them, I carefully placed a label next to each.
I laughed yesterday when I saw this plant's label:


True enough, as far as it goes!

Does anyone know what it is?
The flower may be purple, if that helps.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
Are you gardening yet?
It seems like I am so far behind everyone else,
but here the ground is only now warming up.
As I was typing,
the first hummingbird just swooped by!!!
Must go prepare the feeder.