Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pre-comp romp

The world was gloom-colored and dripping when Piper and I went for a little walk this morning.  With rain yesterday, rain this afternoon, and rain apparently hovering an inch above my head during the walk, I considered skipping it, but...

Piper is going to the dentist tomorrow.  So I especially wanted her to have a little romp today, in case the anesthesia leaves her feeling under the weather for a day or two.

Sort of like getting the compensation treat in advance.
Just in case it will be called for later.  Or would have been called for.  Or will have been.


Piper's teeth are fine, for the most part - she is a hound known for charming one and all with her rascally grinful of pearly-whites.  But her recent annual wellness exam revealed one molar where the gum looks a bit inflamed (enflamed? outraged? I forget the word the doc used) and while it is not currently painful, a full cleaning is in order to prevent future problems.


Fingers crossed nothing else turns up during the procedure.

Just realized: I am experiencing pre-dental-appointment anxiety on behalf of my dog.

Oh dear.  Maybe if it stops raining before dark, Piper would like to go for another little run.