Saturday, January 26, 2019


Iris, Vinca, Rocket

My Very Occasional Helper was here for 3 hours yesterday,
so together we made a little progress on the barn.

Iris was also a Big Help.

Although I couldn't help feeling that she had questions about the whole idea of turning the airy, spacious barn into four narrow cubicles.
Not exactly cubicles; more like slip stalls.

"Why? WHYYYY?"

Lately I've been noticing that tiny Iris has grown.
There have even been a couple of times when she was standing apart from the other goats - so, no frame of reference - I wasn't sure if I was looking at Iris or her brother, the chunky Rocket.

"Now I am a BIG goat!"

But then I see her next to an average-size human,
and she immediately becomes tiny again.

Big on personality, though!

That's one thing that hasn't changed since the day she was born.