Saturday, January 13, 2018

pick a window

After a day of mild temperatures - very welcome, as you might imagine - we had hard rain for a solid day and night.

It was still raining this morning, which is when I took these pictures.

Quite suddenly, the temperature began to drop. To plummet, really.

 In three hours, the temperature dropped about 35 degrees.
Really. I checked it twice.

And then the sun came out!

And a bitter cold wind began to blow, which continued all day and was still trying to take my ears off when I put the critters to bed this evening.

The temp is dropping back down to zero tonight, and our highs are not predicted to rise above freezing again for a good long while...but at least the forecast is for single digits instead of negative teens.

I know not all of my readers are experiencing winter right now, but for those who are: stay warm and safe! 
And for those who are experiencing Summer: send pictures!