Thursday, February 27, 2014

second thoughts

"I know I said I was done with that, but it's kinda chilly today...
do you think we could stick it back onto me somehow?"

It was 2F (-17C) when I got up this morning, but since Acer has chosen to spend most of the day outside, I feel confident he is not too cold. He's actually still wearing quite a bit of his cashmere, and this morning I didn't even comb the pieces that were sticking out of his topcoat, in case he could hang onto them a little longer. Of course, he's probably rubbing them off on a fence right now.

All the goats - and the hens - get extra feed when it's really cold, partly for the extra calories but also for general encouragement. In tough weather, I'd rather have the goats waste a little more hay by playing in over-filled troughs, than have them run out of hay at any point. So it's extra grub all around.

Piper and I have extra grub too, in solidarity.