Friday, April 3, 2015

FO friday

Lately I've noticed a lot of "Finished Object Friday" blog posts,
and since I happen to have a finished object,
and since I remembered that it is Friday...

Please note: this is not a giant hat. 
This is a normal hat on a small styrofoam head.

I made it for the Revive A Vintage challenge being hosted by raveler knitsbyjenn in the Roving Crafters group. It's the 1898 Hat by Kristine Byrnes; a free pattern available along with many others from the Seamen's Church Institute - Christmas at Sea website. I won't donate this one to SCI because they specifically ask for darker/brighter colors, but I will very likely be knitting another in deep blue, which should be perfect to send. 

In fact, this hat is so much fun to knit, it may become my go-to pattern for any single skein of worsted that surfaces in my stash.

Here's a link to my project page on ravelry,
with full knittery details.



on the theme of "finishing"...

I don't usually plan my knitting time;
it's more of a response to insomnia or restlessness.
But I really wanted to finish the 1898 Hat because I have
another project waiting in the wings.

So this past week - when we had two snowstorms
but also a lot of sunshine -
I "scheduled" a couple of afternoons of knitting
and audiobooks, out on the porch.

It looked like this:

You can't see Piper, because she had dragged her cushy bed
right under the legrest of the recliner.
But trust me: she was there.

Despite fresh snowfalls,
overall, the snow is gradually disappearing.
There is still plenty, I hasten to add. Ice, too.
But I am hoping that by the end of April
I will be able to tackle the construction debris
both on and off the porch.
It got "snowed in" months ago,
and there was simply no way to remove it.
But soon.

After a clean-up, the final big step will be
sanding and finishing the porch floor.
Then the interior will be finished.