Wednesday, September 24, 2014

roof and sky

As I try to work through a long and growing list of prioritized pre-Winter projects,
I'm trying not to be distracted by a feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Three weeks ago I had a property inspection for my homeowner's insurance, and every day since I've checked the mail, hoping for The Letter.
The Letter will tell me if there is something about my little cottage in the woods that has shocked and alarmed someone sitting in an office in Boston.
And if so, exactly what I can do to make that person feel better.

I wish The Letter would just arrive, already. Because whatever "improvement" is required - and I hope very much it is not another list - I'd rather know now, so I can try to get it done before Winter.

My best/worst guess: something involving the roof.

So while I wait to hear the news
(as in "new shingles" vs. "new roof")
I've been thinking about - guess what? -
Roofs. Or rooves. Whichever you like.


When it comes to building,
I have favorite parts and tough parts.
One of my very favorite things is opening up a wall
to put in a window or door.

(After many years, my tiny house now has
very little wall and very much window.)

And one of the hardest things for me
is closing a roof.
When I built the screen porch years ago
(I did much of that project myself)
it was touch and go at one point
whether I could bring myself to actually put a roof on
or if I would just leave the rafters
and the view into the forest canopy.

I did put the roof on, and it made it much easier
to sleep on the porch during thunderstorms.
But the decision could have gone either way.

When the new goat barn was built this Spring,
I was reminded of building the screenporch.
And when the builders stopped for lunch,

I ran out and quickly snapped a few pictures
of a familiar view that was about to disappear.


If I have to tear up the roof on my house,
I won't see the sky during the construction process
because the ceiling will still be in place.

But if it is within reason
(cost-wise, I mean; of course it is perfectly reasonable to wish to see the sky),

maybe I will add a skylight.