Wednesday, March 19, 2014

commenter appreciation day

One of the best things about blogging
is sharing information.

Blogger and commenter:
it's like a two-way street.

Or maybe it's like leaning out the window
and calling to a friend across the way 
who is also leaning out the window.

I am so grateful to every reader
who leaves advice or shares an experience
in the comments.

I hereby declare a 

Commenter Appreciation Day

with special thanks to Boud, who sent me
straight out to buy a bag of grapes, because:

"frozen seedless grapes work exactly like candy"

And special thanks also to Sandra,
who immediately seconded this excellent suggestion!
With such enthusiastic endorsement,
I knew I couldn't go wrong.

So I bought two bags of grapes.

I am now extending the supply of frozen apple slices
by alternating with frozen grapes.

Life is sweet!

It's cold, but it's very sweet.