Cloud Harvest Cashmere Shop

Cloud Harvest Cashmere cards and magnets
at the Cashmere Goat Association members' booth, Rhinebeck NY, 2018
photograph courtesy of Jana Dengler

Dear Comptonia readers,

Some of you have been kind enough to ask if the cards I'm designing
are available for purchase.

Fern the Baby

The answer is, "Yes, certainly, and thanks very much for asking!"

Fern the Yearling

In fact, I didn't make "just" cards.
I wanted to offer something a little bit different,
so I made cards with matching magnets.

This page contains all the currently available images of the Cloud Harvest Cashmere herd. If you've been following the Comptonia blog for a while, you have been watching some of these goats grow up!

Lily and Violet napping

The greeting cards are of a very pleasing quality, with a full edge-to-edge image on the front and a Cloud Harvest logo in the center of the back. The inside is blank "for your own message," as the card companies say.

Baby Lily

The card size is slightly more than 4x6 inches,
and the envelopes are plain bright white.

Baby Violet

The magnets are 4x6 inches, with an image matching the front of the card. Some magnet images have a border. Some are full edge-to-edge images like the cards.

Each card and magnet combination is neatly enclosed in a clear protective envelope, which is not plastic - 
it is made of plant material and is compostable!

Violet and Lily on Goat Mountain

The combination of card-plus-matching-magnet makes a nice "little something extra" when you wish to send more than a card, but not too much more.

Yearling Lily

Renaissance Lily

Classical Lily

Of course, you might decide to send just the card and keep the magnet for yourself.
Or keep the card and send just the magnet.
Or...keep them both! So many options!
(Four. There are four options.)

When mailing the card with the magnet enclosed, the weight is slightly more than one ounce, so postage within the US is 71 cents (as of 12/2018).

Baby Tsuga

Mama Tsuga and Baby Tansy

Full disclosure: I'm a picky person, especially when it comes to my work. I'm very happy with the quality of these cards and magnets. If you order and are NOT happy, you may send them back to me for a cheerful refund.



Now, for a limited time or until they are all gone, the card-and-magnet packs are $10 and the magnets alone are $5, postage within the US included. I will be happy to send them internationally, but I will ask the buyer to pay any postage over the amount the US domestic mail would cost for the same package. Fair enough? I hope so.

Order by email:
specifying the name beneath the image in the post above.
I'll get back to you within a day, to let you know if I still have them,
then we can arrange payment either by Paypal or by check.

Thank you very much!

Prices are the same as at Rhinebeck, but I will pay postage within the USA. I'll have to decide the best way to package and mail them, and I'm a little tired after spending almost 5 hours setting up this page. So rather than dust off my scale and find various sized envelopes and and try to figure it out right now, I'm just going to say "domestic shipping and handling included" and we'll see how it goes.

One card-and-magnet combination is $15.

One magnet alone is $10.

For any three or more items ordered together, I will deduct 20%.

And again: domestic US postage is included.

I will be happy to ship internationally, but will have to charge something toward postage. If interested, or for any other questions at all, please drop me an email at:

And that reminds me: here is what the back of each card looks like:



  1. Good for you! Tsuga is so cool! And the movement in your images is excellent. You can tell you know your subjects personally.

  2. The card and magnet sets are a great idea. Fern the Baby, Renaissance Lily and Mama Tsuga & Baby Tansy are my favorites. :)

    1. Aw, thanks Tammy! The one of Tsuga and Tansy is one of my all-time favorite goat portraits :)

  3. I love that woven or crocheted necklace! Do you sell those too?

    1. Hi Sue - no, sorry! The photograph was taken at the Cashmere Goat Association booth at Rhinebeck, where CGA members were allowed to offer their cashmere-related work for sale.

  4. I am really taken with the "Classical Lily". Wonderful!

    1. Lily is *extremely* photogenic :) I wish she had other fine qualities, but..."photogenic" is about it!

  5. Those are great! You take some pretty awesome pictures!! Wish I could capture mine that good.

    1. Thanks, Annie - much appreciated, especially from another cashmere goatherd!


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