Wednesday, March 8, 2017

and the winner is

There were five wonderful comments left on the Kiva giveaway post, in this order:

And a few minutes ago, at 5:01 PM, I used Random.Org to "draw" the winner:

Congrats to KB Bear!

I'll email you also, in hopes you'll see this news in time to make your loan while it's still International Women's Day 2017. Of course, being in Colorado, you've got a little more time than I do here in fact, the sun is below the horizon already, and I'm making this a very short post as I've been away all afternoon and must get out right away for the last chores of the day.

Thanks to all the commenters
for sharing your thoughts on inspiring women!

Update: 6:45pm

I just checked the Kiva site and there are a lot of loans indicating that matching funds are available - right now, and today only, I believe - so if you have any interest, try using this link to go straight to the first page of "matched" loans, with the little green "X2" badge on the descriptions.