Sunday, March 3, 2019

sunny sunday

In recent weeks, there have been woodpeckers visiting my suet feeder every day,
even while snow is falling.
Downy woodpeckers and hairy woodpeckers.
Unlike some birds, they never seem to squabble, but nicely take turns.
Males and females of both varieties visit.
I wonder if there will be nests nearby, and perhaps baby birds this year?

This morning, there was also a rare visit from four mourning doves.
They searched the snow under the seed feeder, but I don't know if they found much before flying high into a tree.

I would have liked to toss sunflower seed onto the ground for them, but opening a window would have scared them away, possibly for a long time.

Even from forty feet away and high in a tree, this one seems to be keeping a close eye on me as I take pictures from inside the porch. 

I'll toss some seed on the snow after evening chores tonight, and hope it isn't all eaten up by mice before morning. Maybe the doves will be back tomorrow.

It is a gorgeous day. Not snowing - really, not snowing - and the sky is blue with fluffy clouds. Unlike recent days, the the temperature has slowly climbed above freezing and it's not windy. It's quite pleasant and a bit melty out there.

So why am I indoors in the middle of the day? you might ask.
It has a lot to do with the two cats currently anchoring my legs,
but it probably has even more to do with me feeling lazy and slow.
Of course I have a long list of things to do apart from daily chores, including many little things that weren't done because of all the recent snowy days. But instead of trying to get a lot done, I just feeling like staying put. At least for a little while.

I hope you are having a pleasant day wherever you are,
 whether you are full of energy and embracing the day with gusto,
or whether you are having a cozy recharge like me.