Friday, August 29, 2014

fumbling friday


I've got a tiny new laptop and I'm trying to find my way through a new Operating System, a touchscreen that makes things appear and disappear when I swear I did not touch anything, and the mixed blessing of adding familiar software but not having any of my preferences (such as toolbar arrangements and fonts) come along with it. Then there's the disconcerting way my open source office software (LibreOffice, which I love) is crashing every time I open a document. Every. Time.


Look! It's the Mystery Bugs!

Also, going from a 15" to an 11" monitor has drawbacks. Some of it is a simple trade-off, such as the aggravation of miniature (and therefore unreadable) drop-down menus versus the comfort factor of a lightweight laptop.


I'm certainly enjoying the light weight, so maybe it's worth keeping a pair of embiggening glasses at hand, just to reduce the amount of time spent randomly selecting things from a drop-down menu I cannot read? But some issues are proving more difficult to work around. Some applications - for example, my photo-editing software - have a disorienting, wrong-end-of-the-telescope quality that may not be easily overcome. Reviewing images to transfer from my camera has become quite a challenge.

Is that a picture of Piper?
Or a piece of oak bark?
Or one of the chickens?
Oh, I think it's kale!

Oops, too late...the photograph has disappeared from the screen,
replaced by that doggone giant clock again.
And I swear, I did not touch anything!!!

It's early days, so it's reasonable to assume that many hours of poking around and modification will be necessary. But I can only do so much of that at one time before I start questioning the application, the computer, my sanity and, by the way, why haven't I heard anything from the goats in the past two hours? Even Campion the Champion is suspiciously - not to say ominously - silent. Maybe I'd better just put the tiny laptop away and stroll out to the paddocks to see what they are up to.

And then maybe Piper and I will go for a little walk in the woods.


 I hope you are having a lovely Friday, as practice for having a lovely weekend.

And I hope you can read this, because to me, right now, the text I'm typing looks like tiny little ants have walked through ink and are tap-dancing across my itty-bitty screen.

Happy Weekend!