Monday, August 20, 2018

to the woods

Yesterday, or as I call it, the first day of summer,
I had planned to take Piper to the woods.

She has been having a very dull time of it, with all this rain.
Piper does not enjoy rain.
She has been going outside for only a few minutes at a time, every day.
Even with the new portico, she has not wanted to spend one extra minute outside.

But yesterday, the gorgeous day, Piper surprised me.
She did not want to be outside.
Maybe she just expects rain every day now?
Maybe she has begun to enjoy spending most of her time on her couch?
I kind of understand that feeling.


This morning seemed almost as nice as yesterday.
The second day of summer!

Time for some Pup Psychology.

After chores and gardening, I started putting some things in a little pile.

my camera
my sketchbook

Piper, snoozing on her couch, opened one eye.

I filled up my water bottle
sorted through my pencils
selected a pen

Piper opened both eyes and raised her head.

"Ready?" I asked.

Piper scrambled down and away we went.

We headed for the pond, and walked first to my favorite blueberry spot, just in case.
But the blueberries are gone.
Completely gone.
We found not a single wizened berry clinging to a branch.
I'm lucky my highbush blueberry at home still has a few berries left to ripen!
I pick a little handful each morning and savor every one.

The day could not have been nicer for a walk in the woods.
Mostly sunny, but not too hot.
Sometimes cloudy, but not muggy.

And no mosquitoes.

No. Mosquitoes.

Piper ambled and explored and intently sniffed hundreds of things.
I took photographs, then set up my wonderful backpackable sketching chair.

"What shall I draw?" I asked Piper.

"The root end of this deadfall looks texturally interesting," she said.
"And speaking of interesting, isn't it time to bring out the treats?"

Outdoor sketching with Piper always involves treats.

My viewpoint was close to the ground, so the deadfall loomed large:

We spent over two hours in the woods, and every minute was a pleasure.

This summer is going great.