Friday, August 7, 2015

friday already

This week is flying by in a whirl of all sorts of tasks and chores and (another) migraine and (finally!) walks by the pond with Ms. Piper and the daily sketch that I'm finding both a challenge and enjoyable.

Here's one:

 Oddly, with all this #DrawingAugust activity,
I seem to have forgotten how to take a decent photograph.
The ones I'm posting on twitter (like this one) are atrocious!
In fact, I may replace this snap with a good one later,
but now it's after 6:30AM and time for chores.

We've been having extreme weather, with the ongoing humidity and heat interspersed with massive rainstorms and - sometimes, miraculously - fresh cool air!

Piper enjoys our little sketching parties, as she can literally run circles around me in the woods while I stay in one spot for a half-hour or so. I think she is under the impression that she is training me in Basic Obedience commands. Here she is coming back to make sure I am right where she told me to "stay!"

And here she is celebrating her achievements as a Human Trainer:

She does make me laugh!

And about five minutes after these pictures were taken, the sky grew dark and thunder started rolling right toward us. We did not make it out of the woods dry that day!

Just a quick heads-up:
it's been a while since I've done a giveaway,
and I have an idea.