Monday, February 3, 2020

markmaking february

Every path between the barns, the house, and the paddocks is solid ice.
The temperature is ranging from single digits to low 30s.
We've had snow, sleet, and sun.
More snow predicted this week.

Hello, February.

Here is the Daily Markmaking so far:

 February 1

 February 2

February 3

February is the month when I remind myself to weigh the low-level anxiety of carrying daily water buckets over icy paths against the delightful absence of mosquitoes and biting flies. Even ice looks pretty great when you compare it to mosquitoes.

February is also when my thoughts turn to the gardens. When I have to rein myself in before I even open a seed catalog.
I've been piling catalogs up as they arrive and there are at least eight of them now.
Haven't opened a single one.

But it won't be long now.