Monday, May 2, 2016

murky monday

Mourning Dove

It rained yesterday.
It's raining today.


The forecast is rain for the next six days.


Chipping Sparrow

So to keep our spirits up, here are a few snaps taken way back when the sky was not grey and the air was not clammy and raw.
About two days ago. 


Thank you for helping me with "what shall I draw?"
I really appreciate it! This "poll" gadget is new to me, and last night I discovered that correcting a typo in 
my original post somehow broke the buttons on the poll. Oops. I quickly rebuilt it and posted the replacement. Fortunately I had looked at the poll results just before fixing the typo, so I jotted down those numbers to add to later counts.

Last night, tree was well ahead of the other choices, followed by leaf. But tonight bird has sailed to the front! So exciting! I was beginning to feel a little sorry for stone and landscape and boat, but now they each have one vote. And after reading Maywyn's intriguing comment, I googled and learned the trick of figure-eights and boats. Who knew?

This little poll is turning out to be fun, which is especially welcome on such a gloomy day. I'm going to leave it up til tomorrow then add the numbers and get out my sketchbook.
Thanks again!

Meanwhile, here's one more cheery bird:
Purple Pomegranate Finch
Thanks :)