Sunday, May 31, 2015

a bit more gardening

I'm going to try to plant a little something every day.
It may not be possible,
but I will try.

Yesterday I planted a few things at the town plot:

Root crops!!

 And just look at Piper, checking my pea placement:

She is such a stickler for even spacing.

Today I gardened at home;
expanding the fenced area of the terrace garden,
transplanting four butternut squash seedlings,
and putting in a block of sweet corn:

Can't you just taste that sweet corn?

I was determined to get the corn in before the rain began,
so I worked until I sort of fell over,
and finished just before the first drops fell.
Very satisfying.

Now we are expecting two days of rain.
If it's off and on, I may be able to do more planting.
If not, I'll at least do some prepping for related tasks,
because Wednesday I've got a new helper coming
to work with me on gates and fencing for a couple of hours.

But as soon as weather permits, I will be planting:

more seeds!

I'm done buying seeds for the year now, I think.
(I'm pretty sure.)

And as I say goodbye to the Dog Days of August
which came in May this year,
I'd like to share one bit of quite thrilling garden news.

Guess what this is:

Or maybe I should say,
guess where  this is...

because this Red Kuri Squash is
the very first planted seed to sprout in the

the adventure continues.