Friday, January 12, 2018

this week in goat world

All the ice and extremely cold weather has been causing a bit of hoof trouble, and I've been keeping a close eye on several goats. Now that there is a break in the cold - it has been raining non-stop all day and is predicted to go on straight through tomorrow morning - it was the perfect time for a hoof treatment for Campion (my Champion).

Being such an experienced goatherd and all, I carefully prepared and arranged everything needed. Each step was taken slowly and calmly: cleaning hooves, soaking, drying, trimming. Throughout the process, many well-timed apple slices were offered and accepted. Finally, the BluKote: a liquid hoof dressing that must be handled carefully because it stains everything it comes in contact with. There are usually a couple of little splatters, like this one on the leg of my dungarees:

But because I was being So Very Careful,
there was no staining of Campion's coat or my hands.

At first.

Then this happened:

Oh, Campion (my Scampion)! Such a prankster.
He waited til I was opening the full bottle of BluKote,
then jerked his hoof out of my hand and did a little spin.
Both hands. Front and back.
I wonder how many days it will take to wear off?
Place your bets!

In happier - and less purple - goat news,
Cloud Harvest Cashmere had a visitor on Tuesday:

Start the countdown for Kidwatch 2018!
Vinca may become a mamagoat around the 8th of June.