Saturday, September 26, 2015


I'm testing a new camera.
So far, the results are inconsistent.

In a batch of snaps taken between house and barn yesterday,
fewer than half turned out as planned.

Azalea explains,
"Surprises are all very well in their way, but we require consistency in some areas. In photography, for example, we have very clear ideas about the images we seek to record."

 "Or, for a more pertinent example where consistency is critical,
let's talk about the supply of carrot pennies.
Yes, let's talk about that."

Ahem. Yes. Thank you for that insight, Azalea.
(Stops typing to scribble "carrots" on grocery list.)

I must set aside time for a careful test, under various conditions.
It's on the Weekend List.

I hope it will be a long weekend,
because it certainly is a long list.

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Fern (left) and Tansy (right),
choosing the Perfect Spot to lie down atop one of the old wells.

These girls turned 5 months old last week!
To refresh your memory,
here they are on the same well cover, in May:

Time flies.

As do baby goats, remember?


I hope your Saturday becomes a day to remember -
in a good way.