Wednesday, February 24, 2016

wednesday with words

Experiment: pasta made with butternut squash instead of tomato sauce. And lots of extra-sharp cheddar (is there another kind?). Pretty good! Next time I'll add mushrooms for additional texture.

The past few days have alternated between very cold and just cold, but often with enough sun to be quite pleasant. Much of the snow melted from open areas, though the ice - some of which has been here since December - will probably persist until there is consistent warm weather.
Could be months away.
Could be next week.

We got an inch of fresh snow this morning, and freezing rain all afternoon and evening.
So I'm glad I did this yesterday:

There are 11 pairs of handknit socks on that drying rack.
Some laundry is just more fun than other laundry!

Apparently, some interior decorating is also fun:

The other night, instead of simply digging in her big cozy bed to make it Just Right as she does every night, Piper chose to tear it open and remove the padding bit by bit.

It's been years since Piper did anything this destructive, but despite being out of practice, she certainly did a thorough job.

I had to laugh, though: see that white thing on the right side of the picture?
It's the "Do Not Remove This Tag" tag.
She Did Not Remove It.

There are some lines we just don't cross, right, Piper?