Tuesday, November 5, 2013


As promised, a giveaway!

All the way from Ethiopia.

This traditional, handmade, 50x160cm, cotton/rayon scarf, is one of many ethically-sourced items sold to support the work of 

And it could be yours!
Read on for giveaway details.


Some time ago, I watched the PBS film,
"A Walk to Beautiful." Have you seen it?

It is a beautifully-crafted and powerful film, sharing the stories of women who endured obstructed labor and, as a result, not only lost a baby but went on to suffer the physical, emotional and social effects of an obstetric fistula, causing permanent incontinence. The women's "walk" is to Dr. Hamlin's obstetric fistula hospital in Addis Ababa, where treatment - surgical, emotional, and educational - is provided at no charge, through donations and with the support of the Ethiopian government.

"A Walk to Beautiful" is not always easy to watch, but I was absolutely riveted to the screen. And here is the most important thing - it left me feeling hopeful. And believing that even my tiny donation to support Dr. Hamlin's work would be a genuine contribution to something very, very good. Thousands of women's lives have been turned around, one by one by one. And Dr. Hamlin's efforts have expanded beyond the hospital at Addis Ababa: there are now five smaller regional fistula hospitals, an outreach program, and a 4-year College for Midwives!

Dr. Hamlin inspires me, not only because she is clearly a gifted doctor, a tireless visionary, and a generally interesting and articulate person, but also because she is a beautiful example of a person who confronts a massive challenge and just gets on with the job at hand, day by day. Cheers, Dr. Hamlin.


Now, the giveaway details. Easy-peasy.

Anyone*, anywhere on the planet**, is eligible to enter. Feel free to share this post in any way you like. The more the merrier.

To enter the giveaway, just:

1) leave a comment on this blog post, mentioning one person who inspires you.

2) that's it!

Entries close on Wednesday, 13 November. I'll do a random-number-generated drawing and will announce the winner on the blog on Thursday, the 14th. If the winner doesn't contact me with a mailing address by Saturday the 16th, I'll draw another name. So check back on the 14th, please! 

* re: "anyone" 
You don't have to follow my blog, but if you'd like to, you are more than welcome. There are a couple of "follow" options in the sidebar, and although I have not been able to put up a subscribe button for feedly (believe me, I have tried!), you can always manually add my blog address to your feedly list.

** re: "anywhere on the planet" 
People on the International Space Station are also eligible to enter, but delivery of the scarf will take place following the winner's return to Earth.

Good luck, everyone!!!