Wednesday, September 2, 2020

september 2nd

In 1752, a random immigrant settler in New England - oh, let's say a goatherd who had done the evening chores and was ready for bed - watched the sun go down on September 2nd and woke up to sunrise the next morning on September 14th. England - including of course our little Colony - had just switched, overnight, to the Gregorian calendar.

This is a bit the way time feels to me lately. While I am asleep - or at least, not paying attention - time is taking great leaps. But unlike the colonial goatherd who perhaps was  suspicious if not downright resentful at the disappearance of 12 days, I find that time also feels static. The static part is far more disorienting to me.

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments on my most recent post, and I appreciate very much that people who cannot comment here took the time to find another way to reach me. Your words really touched me, and it means a lot to know that Piper made so many online friends. I sometimes said that Piper and LeShodu each believed she ran the blog, and now they are both gone and I see that maybe they were right because in recent days I've had no words at all.

I will probably write Piper's story someday - it's a good story, a happy story - but words of any kind are oddly elusive right now. Yesterday I had to make a phonecall and felt like I was trying to communicate in a second language. This post is by far the most words I have strung together, writing or talking, since my previous post. I'm fine - we are all fine - it's just a very strange time right now.

Maybe I'll try to post images for a while.

Thank you again. So much.