Friday, September 19, 2014

AKC: actual knitting content

The History of Socks: an ongoing scarf made with leftover bits of sock yarn.

I didn't realize until I started writing this post, how many acronyms have become part of my fiber language. Since I don't know how many readers are knitters, I'll translate. These are not my own inventions - they are widely used in writing, though not necessarily in conversation.

After a long knitting hiatus, I've dusted off a few needles this week, and searched out a UFO (unfinished object) buried in the neglected yarn basket. Actually, I was expecting one UFO; this pair of socks that seemed oddly doomed, even back in 2010:

But I soon discovered this lone sock,
which I didn't even recall casting on:

Checked my project notes: sock cast on in 2012.

And...there's more.

So it's a really good thing that I've joined a special kind of KAL (knit-a-long) organized by two inspiring bloggers and podcasters - yarnsfromtheplain (link goes to Nic's podcast website) and Louise of KnitBritish, who I met in a knitting-related conversation on twitter a while ago. Coincidentally, it turns out Louise is from Lerwick, home of the Up Helly Aa festival!
Small world, this fiber world.

Specifically, this is a KAL for finishing up WIPs (work in progress) before casting on something new. The timing is important, as the unmistakable hints of Winter Coming send those of us in the northern hemisphere down the rabbit hole of pattern searches on Ravelry...
Winter! Coming!
Must cast on Hats! Mittens! Sweaters! Socks!

So clever Louise came up with a 2-month KAL, and called it:

#WIPCrackAway: a KAL to help you finish those WIPs!

And I am IN.
I decided to start with that single orange sock,
and over the past three days, there's been some progress.

Today the sock came along on Piper's very long walk.
I stopped for a while, and sat against a tree, knitting,
while Piper ran and ran and ran.

This was my view:

It took a while,
but Piper eventually decided to rest.
And by then, I was ready to walk again.
Sitting is not a longterm option for me.

Not for me, either!

So the now-bigger sock
went back in the bag.

But not for long!

Do you join KALs or other a-longs?
(This is my first one.)
Is it fun?
Does it help you stay on track with a project?
Please share your tips!