Friday, August 23, 2013

pattypan psa

In recent years, most of the farm stands and farmers' markets in this area seem to be selling pattypans at a very small size. Sometimes just 2 or 3 inches across.

They are undeniably adorable at that size, but since those miniature vegetables are often sold at so-many-per-dollar instead of so-much-per-pound, they can also be quite expensive.

I've experimented this year with my own squash, and am here with a Pattypan Public Service Announcement:

Large pattypans are delicious.

And simple to prepare. Just cut the squash in half, and scoop out the central seed portion. This is a tablespoon, which gives you an idea of the squash size. It's over a pound in weight.

Two quick turns of a spoon, and the center section comes out in one clean piece. Easy peasy!

The hens enjoy the seedy centers, so nothing is wasted.

I usually just cut up and steam the squash until tender but not mushy, then enjoy it plain, or with a little butter, or mixed with other veggies. I've never bothered with sauces because the squash is so mildly flavored I didn't want to overwhelm it. But live and learn: this week there was just a bit of leftover broccoli cheddar soup in the fridge...reheated and poured over chunks of steamed pattypan squash, it made a lovely lunch.

This is the first year I have grown pattypans, and they have added much to the gardens. Earlier this week a friend stopped by and it was a pleasure to walk out into the garden and pick two pattypans for her to take home. Really, does anything feel more sweet than having enough of something special to share with friends?