Saturday, March 14, 2020

saturday saunter

After a long, gloomy day of rain yesterday,
when I fed the fire all day just to take the chill off the house,
today dawned clear and bright.
And cold. And windy.

I waited til almost noon to take Piper to our favorite trails by the pond.
By that time, the wind had dropped and the air was warmer.

Five days ago, the pond looked like this.
There was still a lot of ice, but there were open areas.

We've had some very warm days in the past week.

Today, the pond looked like this:

The sky was really this blue.

 It was a splendid time to be out in the woods.

So much to look at. So much to see.

And no one has to tell this girl to "stop and smell the roses"
- or anything else, for that matter.

We had a grand time, and I wore out before Piper did.
When we got home, I puttered around a bit but had to sort of drag myself out for evening chores. goats were combed today. 

But I believe it was the right call.