Thursday, July 3, 2014

after the rain


Yesterday afternoon, the sky suddenly became dark. Very dark.
I hastened out to the paddocks to shift the goats back up from their browse areas.


The hastening had to stop as soon as I was inside the fence.
I may have mentioned that goats hate change?
Well, they hate hurrying even more.

When you are working with goats, 
there is one sure way to slow things down:

try to speed things up.


A pocketful of oats helped shift everyone fairly smoothly.
Done! Gates latched. Sweat dripping into my eyes.
(Not because I was working hard. Just because I was outside.)
The thunder was getting louder, but the rain hadn't begun.
So I spread the five waiting trugs of mucky hay
on the terrace garden, and quickly weeded the corn.
Then the rain started, so I headed inside to update Piper.
I was sure she would be worried.

She was sleeping.

So I went out on the screenporch to watch the storm.


It rained and rained and rained.
This was quite refreshing, as it has been so very horribly hot.
Hot and muggy. Day after day.
So hours of heavy rain gave me hope
for all the things we say about rain here:

"The gardens really needed it!"

"It will settle the dust!"

"The pollen will be washed away!"

"It will clear the air!"

Especially that last one, because lately, stepping outside in the morning
has felt like the moment before you step out of a hot shower.


Well, after going out at 6 AM for chores this morning, 
I can report:

"The gardens really needed it!"