Sunday, May 8, 2016

birthday girl

Today is LeShodu's birthday.
She is my foundation doe;
the Matriarch of Cloud Harvest Cashmere.
Every goat on the place is related to her.

She came here in 2010, at the age of 6:

In Spring 2011, LeShodu introduced Violet and Lily of the Valley :


Acer and Betula followed, in Spring 2012: 

Reluctantly (it was my idea), LeShodu took a year off in 2013...

...then produced Vinca and Dara in 2014. 

LeShodu was formally retired as a breeding doe in 2014.

Again, it was my idea.
LeShodu's clear preference was to continue growing her herd.

Can a Queen ever have too many Subjects?
LeShodu does not think so.

Of course, LeShodu has not retired from either brush-clearing...

...or producing very nice cashmere.

Happy 12th Birthday, LeShodu - Queen of the May!