Saturday, September 21, 2013

joy in goat world

Driving past the goat pen this morning, I noticed Violet standing perfectly still, staring at something directly over her head.

It was a big clump of bittersweet. The stem had grown up a sapling, pulling it over and ultimately killing it. The goats had already eaten every leave they could reach, even by standing up on their hind legs, but now the remaining leaves were tantalizingly out of reach.

Sambucus became interested in her mum's project. Even though Violet is not very big on the concept of sharing, Bui remains perpetually optimistic. If Violet could manage to get the branch within reach, this might be a time when mum would actually move aside and let Bui have some of the treat.

Bui is very sweet.
Even at 5 months, she still has a lot of this in her nature:

And Violet is very determined.

There must be a way!
I happened to have my bow saw in the back of the car, so I got out and cut down the dead sapling, bringing the killer bittersweet along with it.

The scene two seconds later:

Sometimes it's just so easy to bring joy to others!

I hope you and yours are having a joyful Saturday.