Sunday, February 28, 2016

sunday snaps

Just a few pictures from a day of sunshine and wind...
beginning with the morning light pouring into the barn through the south windows.
This is Azalea:

After morning chores, some quality time with the herd on the Upper West Side. Brilliant winter sun, but breezy - as you can see from Violet's coat:

Just like some people, some goats are not easy to photograph well. You may get a pretty shot, or a technically excellent shot, but the subjects just don't "look like themselves."
Acer is one of those goats.
But today, I somehow got several pictures of Acer that really do look just like the goat I many that it was hard to pick just one to show you!

But here it is: 

In the afternoon, Piper and I went for a little walk - as we do most days when the weather is decent - and for the first time in many months I brought a sketchpad and cushion.

After we rambled over hill and dale for a while, Piper was ready for a rest. The sun was warm but the wind was cold, so I plunked my cushion against a tree on the lee side of a little esker, and began to draw a maple tree. It has been having an adventurous and challenging life growing alongside a large rock.

Piper was happy to sit in the sunshine...
catch her breath...
have some treats...

...for about two minutes.
Then she changed position.

See that grey trunk behind her head?
That's the maple I was drawing.

And in case I missed the point...

 she moved in a teensy bit closer.
Her head is now on my sketchbook.
I guess that's enough sitting for today.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!