Thursday, November 5, 2015

november notes

I recently remembered that grilled cheese sandwiches exist.
This was a happy thing, because I'm hitting a lot of obstacles to task completion lately, and am not feeling much satisfaction in "jobs well done."
Because they are not done.

My biggest achievement in the past few days:
grilled cheese sandwiches.
Organic butter, bread, sharp cheddar.
One of my old Pyrex skillets -
the little ones that are just right for this job.
And in a very few minutes:

So. Good.

This is Piper during our Sanity Break in the woods yesterday.
I am sitting on my "sketching cushion" a few feet away.
Sneaky Ms. Piper crept up near me and stood very still.

She really believes I cannot see her.

Maybe I can't see you, Piper,
but I definitely know where your jacket is!

Piper still turns away from the camera when she sees it,
but I managed to get this hug-and-click shot.
Sneaky tactics!
I learn so much from my dog ;)


Tsuga and her babies (who are almost 7 months old, can you believe it?) have been spending sunny afternoons browsing the Lower West Side. The rest of the herd is enjoying the remains of the terrace vegetable garden, since the fences came down on Monday. So, in fairness, I had to find a special treat for Tsuga, Tansy and Fern. The little LWS paddock between the road and the driveway is full of leaves and even a little greenery. They've been very busy.

Very, very busy.

I love these colors:
If the cashmere grew in the same color as the topcoat,
Tsuga and her girls would be a perfect fiber palette for me.  

I hope your week is going well, your weather is kind, your tasks and projects are hurdle-free. And I hope you can take time for things that make you feel productive, in an environment that nurtures you.

Adding a few rows in the Knitting Room.