Sunday, July 13, 2014

sunday in the barn

Why is it that 4 hours spent cleaning and puttering in a barn
is so genuinely satisfying...

 while 4 hours spent on housework 
is just one more futile attempt to get the house clean?

One of Life's Little Mysteries.

The crazy screen curtain experiment is working well.
Better than expected.
Throughout the day, the goats tend to rotate in little groups;
spending time on the sun-heated rocks in the paddock,
then resting in the damp shade under the barn
or in the big, relatively bug-free stall.

And goats of all ages enjoy wearing the curtains,
in a variety of creative stylings.

Azalea helping Lily with her veil.

Lily: Goat of Mystery

Azalea, Goat of Sweetness

Campion, Goat of Mischief.

Campion has his sweet moments, too.
Sometimes he even stands still.
Usually it's during the ten seconds right after he wakes up.
His interest in the screen curtains has been mainly focused on
chewing holes in the edges
and trying to tear them down.

It's an exhausting task.
But Campion has a strong Work Ethic.

I have no doubt what the final result will be.
I'm just hoping the curtains will last til Autumn.