Sunday, June 26, 2016

postcard from the porch


The windowboxes are in place,
and the little plants are beginning to grow.

The simple experimental brackets and shelf are working,
though I may make small changes someday.
Or some year.

It was difficult to envision the proportions on individual pieces until everything was in place, and by the time I had decided on the measurements of the brackets pieces and put them together, made a trip to the lumber mill and fetched home an 8' and a 12' piece of 1x12" roughcut for the shelves, gone to the hardware store to buy the proper screws, installed the brackets, and lifted each of the seven planted boxes onto the shelves...
I was ready to call the job "finished for now."

And they are already making me quite happy!

Some of the nasturtiums are even beginning to flower!
(Here, with window screen Special Effects) 

Piper, too, is absolutely beside herself with delight
about the windowboxes!

Well, she may not really care about the windowboxes,
but Piper always enjoys the porch.
And so do I, especially when it's as hot outside as it is right now.
This afternoon is going to be spent on the porch.
Living in the moment.

There will be knitting.
There will be sketching.
There will be beef-flavored biscuits.

That last one is for Piper,
but the knitting and sketching is all for me.

I hope you are having a peaceful and restorative Sunday.