Saturday, May 20, 2017

going to the chapel

And also the Country Club.
Big doings this weekend, as my Occasional Helper is getting married and - to my surprise and pleasure - he and his fiancee invited me to the wedding.

Friends in town are picking me up, so I don't have to drive across the Commonwealth - which, to me, makes a huge difference in how many hours I can reasonably hope to be physically comfortable. In fact, it makes the difference in whether or not I could attend this wedding at all. I am so grateful to be a passenger!

I'll be wearing a calf-length short-sleeved cotton dress, and - unless it is too hot - a favorite vest:

My best silver necklace has been retrieved from it's box in the corner cabinet, and polished.
A new wide-brimmed straw hat was purchased for the event.

And I intend to wear my Actual Shoes.

I may be the most casually-dressed person at this shindig, but I'm making an effort. People who know me will probably think "Ooh, Quinn very dressed up all fancy!" when they see me. And anyway, I'm pretty sure I've not been invited to glam things up.

My Occasional Helper is a really special person, and I'm touched to be invited to share this special day. Even if it takes a few days to re-energize afterward, it will be worth it.

Here is the gift, handmade in Massachusetts.
For a plate, I think it is extremely evocative.
I wonder if they will use it as a plate or hang it on the wall?
Maybe both?

Morning chores were done so early this morning, the goats probably think they dreamt their breakfast buckets. Extra hay and water are available all over the paddocks in case I am tired when I get home tonight, or, as I told the goats, because everyone gets Special Extra Food today because we are ALL celebrating on behalf of our friend. The one who cheerfully carries 50-pound sacks of oats from the car to the barns.

I hope you all have a special Saturday.
If you don't have something special planned, please feel free to celebrate with the Cloud Harvest Cashmere gang...
Special Extra Food required!