Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Can you see the haze in this picture?

That was yesterday at 8 AM.

It's been humid and in the high 80s and 90s for at least three days now (I am trying not to keep track) with intermittent and colossal thunderstorms to break up the monotony of sweating incessantly while sitting still.  Or trying to sleep.

I had a feeling that if Piper and I didn't get out immediately after morning chores, we would miss the chance to walk (me) and lope (Piper) without collapsing.

It was a good call.  And a nice time.

Piper, hunting and gathering

We visited the partially submerged tree where - if we approach very quietly - we sometimes find a row of sunning turtles.

No turtles this time, though:

But a different kind of treat!  
White pond lilies (Nymphaea odorata) were in gorgeous bloom!

In another area, a few yellow pond lilies (Nuphar lutea) were barely visible:

Piper had fun, but after just a short time she was happy to head home.

Within an hour she was flattened out on the bedroom floor, sound asleep.

She didn't even want to have her nap on the screenporch where I was cooling off with a snack before  tackling a small but necessary fence repair.

Can you see the haze in this picture?  Ahhhhh!
On the other side of the screen, a charming visitor was also taking some refreshment:

Hope it's pleasant weather in your neck of the woods.
And if it's a sizzler, I hope you have some fresh strawberries and a companionable hummingbird to sweeten your day!