Sunday, December 27, 2015

winter sun

It's raining today, after two days of bright sunshine.

These pictures were taken on Christmas Day.

This one was taken shortly after high noon.
Can you believe those shadows?

Here's Tansy, the quiet little girl with the valentine face.

And here's Azalea. She's pretty special.
I wish I could have bred her this year.

Left to right: Betula, LeShodu, and Acer.
The Big Goats.

Here's Azalea again, with her mum, Lily.
My little camera could not cope with this high-contrast world.
"Focus? How do you expect me to focus?"

And because some things are the same every day,
rain or shine,
Christmas included:

(Remember this garden cart? It used to look like this.)

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday, whatever your weather.