Tuesday, April 2, 2019

artsy tuesday

Despite the increase in daily chore-rigmarole and time happily spent admiring young cashmere goats, the Daily Markmaking has continued without interruption. Though the markmaking has often been quite rapid:


In recent weeks, as you might imagine, most of my sketches have been done in the paddocks or the barns...lots of paintings of rocks, trees, and mud. I haven't actually been painting mud, it has appeared in the form of snoot smudges.

pencil sketch of maple 

rare surviving white pine sapling
(beyond reach of goats)

standing dead and deadfalls
(within reach of goats)

For a long time I've been pondering the possibility of having some of my botanical paintings or drawings made into fabric.

It's very hard to make the leap for two practical reasons: first, because I no longer have software for graphics editing which would help immeasurably with the design and layout, and second, because fabric is not inexpensive.
Which is why, although I received a box of sample fabrics from Spoonflower weeks ago, I've hesitated to open it.

But today I did.

May be in some trouble now.

We'll see.