Tuesday, December 24, 2013

doing the math

Tsuga and Sambucus, the two young does, are temporarily bunking in the barn while Paul is visiting. Even though this means luxury accommodations, they have been very upset about the change. Goats do not like change.

Goats do, however, like treats.

"Nothing should change."
"Never, ever, ever."
"Except we should have more treats."

A few treats can be a helpful tool for a goatherd, when giving medications, training for a preferred behavior, or for general encouragement.

Some of my goats like peanuts in the shell.
Some like apple peels.
Some like banana peels.
(I know, right? Blechh. Don't ask me!)

Happily, ALL my goats LOVE carrot pennies.

So while the youngsters are feeling unsettled, I give them a few carrot pennies, by hand, when I go out to do chores.

One carrot's worth of pennies, doled out individually.
One for Bui,
one for Tsuga.

Tonight, Piper came to the barn with me.
Piper also loves carrot pennies.

So I doled them out carefully...

one for Bui,

one for Tsuga,

one for Piper.

Two goats, one dog.

Don't ever let anyone tell you a dog can't count.