Sunday, May 12, 2019

postcard: piper

Greetings, faithful readers and also anyone who just happened upon my blog.

The laptop is back.
It is working just about as well as it did before it was sent for repair.
This is a tad discouraging.
Actually, it's very discouraging indeed.

Also, the hard drive was wiped, so everything has to be reloaded and reset.
It's taking a while.
I'm not rushing. I really can't rush.
Because every time I try to do one of the things I used to do routinely,
I hit a dead end and have to download software first,
then consult or reload saved files from my external drive back to the laptop.
This does not always go smoothly, and it never - literally, never - goes quickly.

That said, I will keep plodding along in my spare time, and hope to be back writing actual blog posts soon. Meanwhile, I will at least continue to post a snap or two just to say "hello."

Speaking of which, during my laptop-less period, I've tried to read and comment on your blogs via my phone. Sometimes it worked. Many times, I laboriously tapped out a comment only to lose the whole thing, including the page itself, when I tried to post! I don't know if my clumsy fingers were at fault, but it's quite likely. So, if I haven't said hello via your blog comments, please know it wasn't for lack of interest - 
or for lack of trying.

Piper says, "Smile! Might as well!"