Wednesday, March 6, 2013

string now optional

When Julie Andrews (as the Sound of Music sort-of-nun Maria) sang:

"Brown paper packages tied up with string
these are a few of my favorite things"

I felt that Julie/Maria and I were totally kindred spirits.  I have always loved brown-paper-wrapped packages, especially packages that come in the mail, and most especially of all, packages that are a surprise.

Now, I knew an exciting little package was coming from my bloggyfriend Lucy Locket in England, and I knew what would be inside: a lovely little crocheted flower pin.  This was a special treat, because I don't crochet.  It is as exotic to me as handknit socks are to some folks.

And even though I knew about the flower, I had not seen a picture of it was still going to be a surprise!

Well, look who I found today, sheltering from the latest snow, snug inside the letterbox:

It's the QUEEN!!!

But when I gently removed the package (just kidding! I grabbed it and yanked it out if there, possibly with a little whoop of excitement) it soon became clear there was more than a crocheted flower inside.

Much more.

And it's brown paper packages!!!

I tried to guess what might be in each one, and a smooshy one seemed likely to be my much-anticipated flower, so I opened that one first.

But...even that was a surprise, because Lucy sent two flowers!

There's a charming white one for my coat.
I love the wooden button center!

And there's a cushy camelia of an Autumny-colored one!
I have a flower wardrobe now!  This one is going to brighten up my (previously boring) bag immediately.  :)
Next, I opened what I suspected might be...could it be...I do hope...


The "easy reclose" package made me smile...I mean, does anyone ever close a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar once it has been opened?


Wait, you do?

Oh.  Well, maybe I'll try that, then.  ;)


And after the flowers and chocolate, I must report that all pretense of calm, adult behavior was out the door, and I gleefully tore open each brown paper package with deep gratitude that there was no string to slow me down. 

Lucy, honestly, you are so sweet!  Thank you very much for all my lovely treats.

And thank you for not using string.

Apparently this is where Julie Andrews and I part company after all!