Monday, February 2, 2015

january slipped away

...and here's a little update on the week past.

The Porch Project is back on track!
After a considerable delay and two reschedules - once due to a snowstorm - the painters came last week. Three days, three hours of preliminary sanding, followed by three coats of satin-finish polyurethane on the pine walls and ceiling.
The results look quite nice, I think.

(Disclaimer: these photographs exclude an unsightly heap of residual construction material and debris. Removal is proceeding slowly, somewhat hampered by snow.)

Even the color difference between
all the fresh new pine
and the darker 17-year-old pine wall
(to the right in the snap above)
appears as a pleasing design element, rather than a distraction.

Have you seen the shelf beneath the gable window?
It was one of the final items on the carpentry list.

The shelf runs the full length of the 14' south wall.
I planned it as a place to neatly store things
that I need to access only occasionally.

The Last Interior Frontier (Fronterior?) will be the floor:
lightly sanding - possibly staining - 
and then polyurethaning
the original mahogany floorboards.

Soon, I hope.
Because when the floor is done,
I can "move in."

we've got it.

I've lost track of the snowstorms.
We've had plenty of snow.
Still do.

Every time I can get out of the driveway,
I go fetch a few bales of hay before the next storm.
In fact, I went for hay yesterday.
And the snow began again last night.
Still falling now.

we've got that, too.
One morning it was still -5F (-21C) at midday.


Which reminds me...
 the fireworks picture at the top of this post
celebrating the latest porch progress,
is actually a screenshot from Up Helly Aa 2015.
As always, it was powerful stuff:

My feelings about life and death, creation and destruction,
have been revisited and revitalized for another year. 

Well done, People of Lerwick.
Thank you for sharing!

If you are looking for the giveaway, it's here.
Entries open until 14 February.
Good luck!