Monday, December 24, 2018

being there

While I was doing a second round of chores today, snow began to fall. 

First, just a scattering of flakes.

 Then a bit more.

The goats moved between the barns and paddocks,
eating their hay, as bigger flakes began to fall.

 Beautiful flakes. Falling slowly. Falling densely.

I brushed melting snowflakes from the paddock chair
and sat to watch for a while.

It was that rare, lovely snowfall that looks the way
I imagine people who do not live in snowy climates think all snow looks -
almost unbelievably perfect.

 I exhausted one camera battery and switched to a second.
By the time that battery was nearly done,
my clothes were wet through with melted snow.
It was time to head inside.  

For all the snow that fell, what remained later in the day was not much more than a dusting. Just enough to make everything look very pretty. If I hadn't been out in it as it was falling, I could not have guessed the way it looked coming down.

Isn't it a gift to be there, eyes open, for beauty?


early on the eve

Not yet daylight and I heard an odd little rattling sound I could not identify.
Switched on the lamp to see the innocent face of Moxie, who clearly was not just whacking at the strings of lights on the tree. Would never dream of doing such a thing.

Five minutes later:

Happy Christmas Eve morning, everyone.
May all your trees remain upright!