Saturday, July 28, 2018

sudsy saturday

Piper had a bath today.

This is a "Before" picture:

I don't have an "After" picture yet, because she's still drying.

And I didn't take a "During" picture, because when Piper gets a bath, I more or less have a simultaneous shower. So, no pictures of the event, but you can get a fair idea of my part of the experience if you just imagine going outside and turning a hose on your own face.

There's also been large-scale sink sudsing going on, as I try to decide whether to replace my beloved dishwasher which died yesterday.

Here's how the progression has gone today:

7 AM: "I'd better start handwashing all the things that were in the dishwasher when it broke, and all the things that were waiting to go into the dishwasher while it was breaking."

730 AM: "La la la la la. This is not so bad. I could do this. Why am I such a baby about washing dishes, for goodness sake? Maybe it's time I get over my deep-rooted hatred of dishwashing. Free myself from the past. Yes, just let it go!"

745 AM: "Ugh. Dog food cans. Ugh. Cat food cans."

800 AM: "I cannot balance even one more washed item in a sloping pile on top of the stove, to air dry. That's enough dishwashing for now. Time for real chores, out in the squelchy mucky barnyard - huzzah!"

1 PM (lunchtime): "Is this glass from breakfast still clean enough to drink from?"

101 PM: "Can I make a sandwich on a paper towel instead of a plate?"

105 PM: "Isn't it fussy to put couscous in a bowl when I can just eat it directly from this charming deli container?"

As you can see, my standards for civilized dining are plummeting at breakneck speed.

I've got to come up with a way to frame "not having a dishwasher" that makes it feel like a good idea. Or else, I've got to buy a new dishwasher, and soon. I'm not a lazy person, but I really do not enjoy handwashing dishes.

Meanwhile, this was worth a bowl and a spoon:

Full disclosure: I used the spoon to stir up sugar water for the hummingbirds, first.